house of mani

Lee O'Connor

My arrival on the art scene was very late, having spent much of my working life as an Air Traffic Controller in South Africa.

Bold freedom of design in my jewellery ensures that my pieces are wearable works of art – each one making an individual statement. My silver bangles are sculpted statement pieces, but ultimately wearable.

Each piece is unique and individually designed and hand made in my workshops in London and Greece.


The best way to see my work is to check my events page for shows and buying opportunities. If you are not close to me, then check my galleries page to see if there is a gallery near you that shows my work. If there isn't one, please give my wesite details to your favourite gallery and ask them to stock some of my work!

My studio near Agios Nikolaos, Mani, Messinia, Greece is open for visits by appointment.