house of mani

Silver Bangles

My bangles are individually sculpted, a bold and unique wearable work of art. No two are the same. These bangles are made of fine silver, so they do not tarnish. They are filled with polymer clay, which ensures that they are strong and robust, yet light and easy to wear.

  • Prices from £250 - £695

Flat bangle with craters. An elegant and simple design.
Knotted freeform bangle. A beautiful organic shape.
Moon bangle
Freeform knotted D
Freeform knotted C (satin)
Freeform knotted B
Wider with knot
Wider knotted B
Wider knotted C
Broad cuff with bands
Figure, an elegant and eye catching conversation piece.
Broad cuff with script, chunky and bold.