house of mani


Lee O'Connor

Trained as an Air Traffic Controller, I changed careers in the 90s and started painting.  Later, I discovered polymer clay and the endless possibilities it provides, and now I am a full time painter, designer and jeweller. 

Living on different continents, including Africa, and extensive travel have influenced my designs and continue to provide artistic energy to my constantly evolving work.  I design for free-spirited lovers of unusual jewellery.

As a creator who has had a lifelong fascination with personal adornment, my philosophy is to create elements of wearable art in bold sculptural pieces.

Polymer clay

Polymer clay, which I have chosen as my signature medium, provides infinite artistic possibilities for exploring concepts in colour, form and texture, whilst allowing me to be creative with the challenges of function.  The clay is conditioned, coloured, formed and then cured.  This results in surprising and unconventional pieces that are light-weight and comfortable, and work well on the body.

Each piece is designer-created in either my London or Greek studio, incorporating a combination of materials, colours and modern process.  My designs are reflective of my surroundings, mood, the elements and natural forms.

In some pieces I include fragments of my abstract paintings,  providing the excitement of visual, material as well as technique contrast between clay and paint, sculpting and painting.